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this is so true, too many people think they only can be happy when everything is perfect while it actually really doesn’t matter at all








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I actually really needed this right now, I know you’re not here, you’re so far away, but I heard that in your voice and I don’t think I could feel more suicidal than I do now. But your voice in my head makes me want to keep going, for you, to make you proud

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I may not know you. I may not have even spoken to you. But the statement above is no less true. Whoever you are, I am so proud of you.

This made me cry. I needed this

“im so  proud of you” I’v always wanted to hear those words..

I’m so proud of you^^^  even though you don’t know me, I’m a real person, and i am proud of you. i swear. 

I cant explain the truth in this. If you’re struggling with self-loathing and suicidal thoughts, I’m seriously so proud that you’re able to read this right now. I understand, I’ve been in your shoes. But I know that there is a future ahead for you. There are better things that you will be passionate about. Bad times will stop. I can’t promise that they’ll stop soon, or even that better times are close. But I CAN say that when better times do come they are so worth every minute of pain.
Cause looking on this side back at your old days, you become so proud of yourself for making it through.


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